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A Personal Photography Journal

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    A Personal Photography Journal

28th May 18

What kind of photos do I enjoy taking?

The other day I was asked what kind of photos I enjoy taking. It was an interesting question for me, because I hadn’t really thought about it much. I...
21st Jan 18

New Year, New Me

It’s already way, way into 2018, and I haven’t even written a decent New Year’s resolutions blog post. How ironic, because I had intended to change things around, pick...
SaalDigital Photobook
15th Oct 17

Review: Saal Digital Photobook

tl;dr Photobook Review I’ve been planning to review Saal Digital’s photobook service for some time now, but of course, as usual, I’ve been busy with other projects. Thankfully, I’ve managed...
mod scooter way of life target
28th Aug 17

Photowalk: Here Come The Mods

One of the reasons why I enjoy living in Brighton is the traditional August Bank Holiday vibe. Particularly when it comes to photography. And this Bank Holiday was no exception;...
19th Aug 17

Escaping the Creativity Rut

I talked before about how to get out of the creativity rut, how to tweak your photographic creative approach to get the mojo back. And I said I'd share...
16th Aug 17

What to do when your creativity vanishes

I’ve been having a bit of a hard time recently. Creativity, eh? Who needs it? Like most creatives, I go through the usual cycles of ups and downs, of...
7th Aug 17

Would you swap a GH4 for an X-T2?

I got my Panasonic GH4 sooooo long ago … … Christmas 2015. Ok, so maybe not that long ago, but it seems like ages. It probably is in Digital Camera...