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New Year, New Me

It’s already way, way into 2018, and I haven’t even written a decent New Year’s resolutions blog post. How ironic, because I had intended to change things around, pick my life up, move on, etc etc

Not that I’ve got much to moan about; I’m pretty chuffed with how life is treating me at the moment.

Obviously there’s the obligatory “I really should shoot more” resolution. Or rather, “I really should shoot more portraits” …

You see, I think I shoot a lot anyway. 2017 wasn’t quite as prolific as 2016 though (I think I only missed less than 10 days where I didn’t snap anything that year), but the quality has been higher. I blame it on workshops and YouTube tutorials. Because once you realise the importance of quality of light, you tend to shoot less. There’s fewer “I’ll snap this just because the concept’s interesting” and more “The composition is cool, but the light would be better from over there” kind of thing. No more snapping for the sake of it means much better quality photos.

But there is something I’ve changed. Borders are everywhere; frames within a frame.


Frames around my images.

I used to do it all the time, because I like the look of it. But one day I asked for some constructive criticism on a photography forum and the best people could come back with was “don’t put a border round the image” or “you don’t need to frame the photo, it’s not hanging on a wall”

So I stopped doing it.

The New Year always gives you time for reflection, time for self analysis. And I began to ask myself why I do photography, what makes me spend my valuable time and money, what motivates me to do this?

Obviously there’s a massive creativity streak in me; I’m part way through writing a novel, I’ve performed in bands, written songs, composed music for a theatre production, directed and edited short films. So there’s that.

But there’s something more. I do it because I enjoy it, and I do it to make me happy, to make me content.

So I came to the conclusion, if I do this for my own pleasure, and putting borders around my images makes me happier than leaving them bare, then guess what I’m going to do from now on?



So when I finally do get round to shooting more portraits, you’ll have to enjoy my images with thick white frames from now on. Even if you don’t, it’ll make me happy.

And that’s what’s important, eh?

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