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New Year, New Me

It’s already way, way into 2018, and I haven’t even written a decent New Year’s resolutions blog post. How ironic, because I had intended to change things around, pick my life up, move on, etc etc Not that I’ve got much to moan about; I’m pretty chuffed with how life is treating me at the moment. Obviously there’s the obligatory “I really should shoot more” resolution. Or rather, “I really should shoot more portraits” … You see, I think I […]

Review: Saal Digital Photobook

tl;dr Photobook Review I’ve been planning to review Saal Digital’s¬†photobook service for some time now, but of course, as usual, I’ve been busy with other projects. Thankfully, I’ve managed to make some time to get on with it. As full disclosure, Saal Digital provided me with a ¬£40 voucher to use with the proviso that I’d write an honest, unbiased review — their offer hasn’t influenced my opinion, they have no veto on anything I write/say, and what follows are […]

Escaping the Creativity Rut

I talked before about how to get out of the creativity rut, how to tweak your photographic creative approach to get the mojo back. And I said I'd share some of my crappy images, just to show how plodding through the downtime will eventually help you escape to the other side. So here's a collection of images which I am totally unproud of. Please don't consider this even close to my usual standard of work. Like I said before, one […]